FAKE  Wii-Clip FAKE Black List
Warning! We have confirmed these shop have selling the FAKE wii-clip clone !
For protect the user benefit, we have to put these shop to the FAKE CLIP black list,
please DON'T buy any FAKE wii-clip from this black list, to protect your Wii safe!


Here is one REAL case from Petr:

Hi, i just let you now, that i bought for sure clone wii clip, because when i found information on your website about wii clips, I checked differences between fake and original:
1. my clip has not number on the below
2. the 1 font is different
3. its dark - black color

I think that the modchip isnt right too, because there is something extra added.

I bought it from consolesource.com, I waited for it around two weeks, I have tried to call them 10 times, nobody answered it, i sent them 3 emails, nobody has sent me answer. Their services are really bad, it was my the worst experience. I will send them items back, and I hope that i will get my money back as soon as.

Please inform about this on your website, because i read that a lot of customers are thinking to buy something on consolesource.com.

Thank you so much.

I sent you photo of my modchip and wii clip - you can compare it.

If you need any more information, for example, the bill form consolesource.com - that i bought it there. Its not problem, just send me email and i will be cooperate with you to help other customers.



(click for enlarge)

Trust ORIGINAL, don't kill your wii!



How to identify your WII-CLIP is ORIGINAL CLIP or FAKE CLIP?


[1] Up side identify:



[2] Down side identify:


[3] More compare:





















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