KEY-CLIP --->  This kit build in the ATmega8 chip, and use WIIKEY 6 Pins method, you can download the free chip core to make your own PLUG and PLAY upgradeable Wii chip in few minutes and don't "void your warranty" !
And it support D2A/D2B and DMS console only, not support the D2C console, and don't support the pins-cut version too.

Discuss :  Key-Clip 100% Solderless chip/clip Review by WesTek


WIIKEY 1.9s code and auto programmer download : , many thanks to WesTek ^_^ !



The KEY-CLIP looking

Build in the MEGA8L chip!




By : WesTek

Key-Clip 100% Solderless Solution - Review

The Wii-Clip guys sent me their ATMEGA version of the Wii-clip (Key-Clip) to test out and write a review, well Here it is!

V3 Key-Clip (ATMEGA version for Leaked Hex Wiikey).

I must say, when I was first approached by the Wii-Clip guys to test these out and offer a review on it, I was pretty curious, and wasn't sure what to expect in the mail.

Here is what I got :

Key-Clip (With ATMEGA chip inside!)

Key-Clip Programmer

Basically, this version of the Key-Clip works hand in hand with my Dumped Hex
Autoprogrammer (Found here on The clip (With the ATMEGA chip inside the clip) will come blank (For legality reasons) so all you need to do is download my autoprogrammer, plug the Key-Clip into the programmer, then plug the programmer into the parallel port in your computer and run the autoprogrammer. Bam, flashed like a dream first try, and the Key-Clip is now ready to attach to the DMS/D2A/D2B drive chip!.

They have made this so easy to mod your Wii, literally anyone that can open the Wii case, can mod their Wii with this. Attach the programmed V3 Key-Clip to the drive chip, then close her back up because that is all you have to do. No soldering required at all!! (Be sure the ribbon coming out of the chip is facing the drive vent hole).

I am very impressed with this Key-Clip and would highly recommend this for people that are not so good with soldering. The chip works great. It is updatable using official Wiikey Update Discs, and configurable using official Wiikey Configuration Discs. Once it has been programmed, there will not be any need to re-program it in the future, so once your Wii has been closed up, you can keep it that way. You also have the added security that if somehow the code get's erased in the future by Nintendo or whoever (Doubtful but not impossible) then you could re-flash the clip and get it going again!

If you have an older chipset Wii, and don't want to risk breaking your Wii by attempting to install a mod chip, the V3 Key-Clip is for you. There are no risks what-so-ever with this install. Your only risks would be breaking something while openning your Wii!


Key-Clip Pros :

100% solderless!!
Easy to program the chip.
Easy to install the chip.
Works on DMS/D2A/D2B chipsets (Does NOT work on Cut Legs I am sorry to say)
Easy to upgrade via official Wiikey Upgrade Discs.
Easy to configure via official Wiikey Configuration Discs.
Price is VERY reasonable (Approx $40.00 - Includes Clip AND Programmer)

Key-Clip Cons :

Only down side I see to this clip is the fact it does not work on cut leg model Wiis. Oh well!


Hats off to the Wii-Clip team for their very innovative product!

Check out their site at

- WesTek
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The original WII-KEY install diagram


The OPENWII circuit

The KEY-CLIP pin out


The packing


How to install the KEY-CLIP --- just need PLUG AND PLAY !



The 25pin printing port programmer for KEY-CLIP

The programmer circuit


Insert the KEY-CLIP to programmer, then connect to PC for program the ATmega8 chip

Now is ready to go.


In stock now.

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