WII-CLIP2 V14 --->  Support WiiKey2 / D2Lite V2 (5/6/9 wires) version

Discuss :  WII-CLIP2 V14 ---> Support WiiKey2 version


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The WII-CLIP2 V14 for WiiKey2 looking:





The generation 2 Wii-Clip (Wii-Clip2) all have 4 features:

[A.] All Wii-Clip2 come with the newest Wii-CLIP2 QR CODE certificate

[B.] All Wii-Clip2 come with the newest Wii-CLIP laser holography trademark certificate

[C.] All Wii-Clip2 PCB are RED color

[D.] All Wii-Clip2 socket and Pins are whole new design, connection more better than the old Wii-Clip, working more stable and reliable !


*** Before buy the genuine Wii-Clip, please make sure your shop is in our official Wii-Clip reseller list and NOT in our BLACK LIST , to make your Wii safe! ***







After soldered:


The old WiiKey2 (D2Lite V2) install diagram: 5/6/9 wires




The new WII-CLIP2 V14 install diagram: Zero wire need solder, plug and play! And don't need touch iron at all !

Note: when you use V14 clip in DMS/D2A/D2B chipset, please remember CUT the "D","E","F","G" 4 lines, because these old chipset just need link 5 points total!

And if you use Yellow sticker wiikey 2 then "D","E","F" are not need cut.

if you have yellow sticker wiikey 2 cut clip pcb DEFG on DMS/D2A/D2B or only DEF on D2c/D2E using scissors . because people order from many websites already soldered.



The retail packing:


The new Wii-Clip2 color packing paper


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