WII-CLIP V1 --->  Support D2CKEY AND D2CPRO chips

Discuss : http://wiinewz.com/forums/d2ckey/67869-wii-clip-v1-support-d2ckey-and-d2cpro-chips.html

New manuals in Swedish and English for Wii Clip V1  :  http://www.rejoy.se/forum/index.php?showtopic=3547

The Wii-Clip V1 final version looking.


The retail packing:

What's included in the packing:
Protect color paper  x1
Protect label  x1


WII-CLIP V1 can support D2CKEY AND D2CPRO chip BOTH! 100% test passed.


Very easy for install, just need put WII-CLIP onto the D2C chip, then solder all pin to pin big points, then finish!


The wii-clip backside details, very high-precision technology guarantee wii-clip can connect each pin 100% well and working stable!


After it, just need put the WII-CLIP onto the Wii motherboard to cover the D2C chipset.


Done! Your Wii is modified! Whole installing process can finish in 2 minutes.



The old D2CKEY/D2CPRO install diagram: 31 wires


The new WII-CLIP install diagram: Plug and Play, 0 wires (Included Region Free function)


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