WII-CLIP V2 --->  Support ARGON chip

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The V2 looking

V2 and Argon


How to install:

Step 1, line the WII-CLIP onto the corresponding MOD chip board, and solder all pins.


Step 2, Please use the "protect label" to cover these test points, for the open-short protection.


The old ARGON install diagram: 13 wires


The new WII-CLIP install diagram: Plug and Play, 0 wires
(If need use region free option, then need solder P / Q / O / SX or Y or V 4 wires)


The 4 wires come with the packing.


If you don't need the region free function, pass this step.

The region free mode Need solder these 4 wires:
for USA O , P , Q , SX
for JAP O , P , Q , Y
for PAL O , P , Q , V


Step 3. Plug and Play.


What come with the packing.


The retail packing.

some help for Problems with playing games on agron chip

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