WII-CLIP V3 --->  Support WIIKEY / WIIKIT chips

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The last WII-CLIP V3A for Wiikey chip looking:




After Wiikey soldered:




The new WII-CLIP V3A for Wiikey install diagram: Zero wire need solder, plug and play!




The retail packing:





The KEY-CLIP looking

How to install:

Step 1, line the WIIKEY onto the KEY-CLIP , and solder all pins.

Step 2. Plug the KEY-CLIP onto the chipset.

Step 3. use the protection paper to cover the whole KEY-CLIP. Then all finished.

The retail packing:



The old WIIKEY install diagram: 6 wires


The new WII-CLIP install diagram: Plug and Play, 0 wires



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