WII-CLIP V4 --->  Support D2pro chip

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The WII-CLIP V4 looking


V4 and D2PRO


How to install:

Step 1, line the WII-CLIP onto the corresponding MOD chip board, and solder all pins.


Step 2, Please use the "protect label" to cover these test points, for the open-short protection.


The old D2PRO install diagram: 13/15/19 wires




The 4 wires come with the packing.


The new WII-CLIP install diagram: Plug and Play, 0 wires
If you don't need the region free function, just pass the next step.

If need use region free option, then need solder  5 / 6 / 7 / 8  four wires) , and short the "JP1" & "JP2" to match your region:


Step 3. Plug and Play.



What come with the packing.


The retail packing.

some funny DIY for D2pro 9 wires:

Wii-clip V4"C" para D2Pro 9

Mensajepor kytu 30 Abr 2008 23:32

visto que ya a salido el Wii-clip V4B para el D2Pro 9, y visto que la an vuelto a cagar al no poner el punto J en el wii-clip a Flash se le ocurrio hacer una version "C", he comrpado un V4 normal y lo e modificado para la version D2Pro 9, Flash esta haciendo otro, a falta de poder probarlo aki os pongo unas fotos, opinad:







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